Push to Exit Bar Photo










  • New end caps come off and go on in seconds.
  • Designed to allow egress from inside an area normally locked by an electric lock or electromagnetic lock, and/or to disarm (shunt) or trigger an alarm when the door is opened.
  • Rugged, heavy-duty construction.
  • Pushing the bar at any point sends a signal to release the lock and/or sound an alarm.
  • For 36 inch doors (actual length is 34.5 inches).
  • Includes 2 built-in non-latching (momentary), dual-contact switches (NO/COM/NC), rated 5A@125VAC.
  • Attractive brushed-aluminum bar with black base and trim.
  • Includes SECO-LARM SD-969-A18 Armored Door Cord, and mounting hardware (for mounting in wood or metal doors).
  • Designed for easy cutting in field to match width of non-standard-sized doors.